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If you want to invest in the trading market, this must be the right time for you as the popularity of the trading market is raging on day by day. There are hundreds of brokers available. And as the competition among the brokers are getting tough and costs are coming down a little though their service qualities are high, this is the time for you to invest in forex trading guides and mandatory to learn how to trade forex.

Selecting the best forex broker to learn how to trade forex might be difficult. And that is why you need a forex trading guide to learn how to get started in forex trading. This forex trading guide will help you to choose a perfect broker for you among dozens of forex brokers as it will focus on compiled findings of forex thorough review of forex brokers.


Choosing the Right Broker – Forex Trading Guide

To choose a right broker you have to follow a few basic criteria. For this you have to prioritize your list and the number of priorities has to be ensuring your fund safety. You have to choose a broker which is not going to steal your deposit. Secondly, you have to make sure that no matter how honest the broker works, by any chance if it gets bankrupt, you can recover the deposit. To avoid any kind of hassle another precaution you can take is to choose a broker that is healthy financially and reputed.

This is the reason forex broker guide is to help you so that you can take comfortable and trustworthy decisions. This forex trading guide is a real blessing for you as it will show you how to get started in forex trading by helping you learn how to trade forex.

Regulatory Compliances 

To consider in choosing a broker, the most important things, beyond doubt are regulation and compliances. If you choose any unregulated broker that will be nothing more than an online scam. In this case forex trading guides will help you to choose a regulated one. An official regulator must always govern the activities of any trustworthy broker to protect the integrity of operations and also promote it. The official regulator has to be designed in this way so that it can govern the broker.

Abusive practices of all types that are linked to sale should be stopped and made out of question. As it is the first and foremost task of a broker to protect traders against fraud and manipulation. US CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) registers US brokers. So it a must for a US broker to be registered here as forex dealer. It has to have a membership of the NFA (National Futures Association). And you can check it in the about us part of the website of any broker.  If these criteria are followed then it is sure that this type of trade associations as well as regulatory bodies have equivalents present in every country of the world. These are the credentials traders have to look for and research depending on where their brokers are based. Researching the year is also worth when the license of the broker is obtained. This might have significance in regards to the broker’s reputation and history. If you take the help of a forex trading guide you can surely find a regulated and reputed broker.

Safety of Funds

All the brokers that are regulated must have some hard and fast rule to ensure the safety of funds of the investors. There has to be a set of rules to safeguard the assets of the investors. This is the very reason for the importance of regulation because each and every broker that is regulated, is subject to Net Capital Rule. In this, it prescribes that a minimal amount of capital has to be kept in liquidated form. Thus all the investors are protected by a safety net and the broker is forced in the event to close it.

Not only this all the regulated brokers keep the funds of all clients separated in different accounts that are segregated to fulfill the requirement of maintenance of minimum capital. In this way the client’s funds are used only for execution of their trades as per their trading. Some countries offer deposits that are government-backed, so that clients can recover funds partly or all of it in case their broker manager wrongs them. If you take help from the forex trading guide and learn how to trade forex you will be able to ensure the safety of your funds.

Fees and Commission

In the case of selecting a broker, brokerage costs are another important factor. The first thing you have to check is brokerage fees. Brokerages fees are mainly service charges that the broker demands. The services of the broker are mainly focused on the transaction between sellers and buyers. And the work of a broker is to facilitate the transaction in many ways favorable for the clients. The amount that the broker chargers depends on the type of the broker, type of its services and so on. In case of retailed traders Dealing Desk Brokers will charge spreads only, ECL brokers will charge spreads along with Commissions.

All traders must understand the difference between commissions and fees, the key difference is that fees are flat charges. On the other hands commissions vary and the variation depends on the delivery of the financial product and transaction size. By the help of a forex trading guide you will get to know the premium services that are offered by the broker. If the broker is of full service it will offer premium features and additional perks of all sorts. In this case services cost a little extra.

If you learn how to trade forex you will get to know that you have to choose a broker that offers you as many premium services as possible but it should be cheap enough. Premium services offer you many options like tax planning, retirement advice etc. But you have to decide and weigh whether you need them or not.

Daily rollover is another factor that has to be considered here. It is the interest that is either debited or credited to hold a forex position overnight. It depends on rates of currencies that are involved in trade. Positions kept past 5pm EST are said to be positions held overnight. So to credit or debit it is important to know the calculation of the rollover interest. If you focus on forex trading, you will slowly get to know how to get started in forex trading and with proper calculation you can trade smartly.

Deposit and withdrawal 

For choosing the best forex broker if you follow the forex trading guide you will find some spectacular guidance under which your trading will be smart. Such as if you create a margin account you will be able to borrow from the broker. Leverage and margin is quite different. You have to make an initial deposit with the broker. The best brokers will use bonuses and promotions as sweet as possible to hype its offers. But most importantly any good broker will ease your deposit and withdrawal.

It is a matter of ultimate satisfaction if you are able to either deposit or withdraw your money from your broker without any hassle in as simple a manner as possible. It should not be time consuming for a trader to perform this task. This task depends on how your broker supports your withdrawal or deposit. It depends on the type of options. And these options of payment solutions not only need to be large but also diverse. Rigidity may lessen the quality of the broker. In case of deposit and withdrawal the most important part is how much time it will take. Many traders complain that their deposit or withdrawal are being delayed though they need their money early. So, if you want to keep up with the competitive modern trading world you have to choose a broker that ensures fast deposit or withdrawal of your money.

Customer Service

A best booker comes with the best customer service agent. Not only for traders who are new but also experienced investors, for both customer service is very important. The duty of a customer service agent is to sort out any kind of issues between trader and the broker.

Customer service agents always try to iron things out. So, to choose a customer service agent some qualities should be kept in mind such as skills, expertise and most importantly how available the staff is. And how flexible he is in checking all the significant issues.

Final Thoughts

If you wish for a successful trading venture choosing a best forex broker in the world is a must for you. It obviously exerts massive influence here. In the forex trading guide it has been discussed several times. Traders should not leave any detail. First of all you need a broker that is well regulated and it’s a must.

You have to ensure safety of your money. Your trading platform has to be user friendly. Spreads and fees should be tight for good trading. The time consuming task is brokerage selection, but obviously it is necessary. So if you want to be a successful forex trader, follow the forex trading guide for it and learn how to trade forex.

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