FxPro Review

Planning to trade with the FxPro but have doubts about whether you should invest the money with them? Then you have come to the right place. We are presenting you with a wholesome FxPro review. FxPro is one dedicated No Dealing Desk Execution Broker. You already have known, FxPro offers fantastic forex trading platforms like FxPro MT4 and cTrader. But there are other parameters rather than a platform to choose the broker, of course. We will discuss ins and out about the FxPro here.

FxPro Review

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Best Forex Trading Platform

FxPro provides a reasonable variation in the trading platform. The platforms are well equipped to trade in different trading conditions. Experts in the FxPro review say the trader can customize the platform in terms of his preference. It is indeed one good reason to go for the FxPro.

You can access the platforms – FxPro Metatrader 4 , Metatrader 5, cTrader both from mobile and desktop as per your convenience. The integrated mobile platform is available on both Android and iOS. The desktop platform gives you access to multiple charting tools. FxPro app is a great platform to execute the trade without installing any other application.

We found similarities in activities of the platforms with slight differences. Let’s have a look at the three platforms.

FxPro MT4

MT4 is the topmost recognized trading platform in the forex market. Its user-friendly and customizable UI is perfect for beginner level traders. This platform comes with all the essential features that one requires for trading.

But, MT4 is comparatively slower than FxPro cTrader. So if you want faster execution of the trade, go for FxPro MT5 or cTrader.

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FxPro MT5

MT5 is an exclusive platform for charting and technical analysis. MT 5 has a strong trading script. Like the MT4, it is a customizable platform. The auto-trading feature in the FxPro MT5 is like the cherry on top. You will get detailed information regarding the forex market using MT5 on mobile ( compatible with iOS and Android).

FxPro cTrader

cTrader is a more versatile platform compared to MetaTrader, especially in terms of the trading tool. Though it’s a relatively newer platform, it is rich in features. FxPro cTrader is the best fir for experienced traders. Auto trading is one major attraction of this platform.

FxPro Demo Account

Using the FxPro demo account, you can first learn to trade. Such an account will give you real market experience without involving money. You can ask for the virtual fund from the FxPro agent. The agent will transfer an amount between $500 and $100,000 to your account. You will get access to the trading platform and can experiment with trading with different trading strategies.

It will take a few minutes to open the demo account . You don’t need to provide any vital information. You can use one FxPro demo account for 30 days after you open it.

Once you are prepared and confident to run live trade, we suggest you open the trading account.

FX Pro open an Account

FxPro Trading Price

FxPro Trading Price

Reading several FxPro reviews, we found FxPro offers one of the best pricing in the market. The FxPro minimum deposit varies with the platform. The minimum deposit in MetaTrader platforms ( i.e., FxPro MT4 & MT5) is $500, and in the cTrader platform, the amount is $1000.

The leverage value varies with the trading instrument and platforms (i.e., FxPro Global Markets Ltd, FxPro Financial Services Ltd, and FxPro UK Limited).

  • FxPro Global Markets Ltd offers maximum leverage of 1:500(Forex Major, Forex Minor, and Spot Indices Major).
  • FxPro Financial Services Ltd offers maximum leverage of 1:30 (Forex Major)
  • FxPro UK Limited offers maximum leverage of 1:30 (Forex Major)

FxPro reviews say the brokerage offers competitive spread and commission on the trade. FxPro MetaTrader 4 & Metatrader 5 charges the spread only; there is no commission on the trade. The cTrader asks for commission ($45 per $1 million traded) with a much lower spread.

FxPro Account charges $0 for withdrawal and deposits the money. You don’t need to pay for currency conversion as well. They have six different fund transfer methods, i.e., Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, UnionPay, PayPal, Skrill & Neteller. But you need to pay a certain amount of fees for an inactive account for a definite period.

FX Pro open an Account

FxPro Direct?

FxPro Direct is the online page for account management. With FxPro Direct, you can create a new account and modify the existing account; you can access the FxPro services (like market news, calendar, dashboard, etc.).

FxPro reviews suggest that the broker has the scope for improvement in some fields, like trading instruments and education. They should upgrade the research tool and news. They should update the YouTube channel with more engaging videos. Apart from the educational resources, other things seem up to the mark.


We have come up with both the positive and drawbacks in the FxPro review. Trading using the MetaTrader like FxPro MT4 and Mt5 and cTrader is honestly a good opportunity. You can use versatile trading tools and can customize your platform as per your preference. You have the chance to win the trade with minimum deposits. Give a try to the FxPro and experience excellent forex trading with the best forex broker.

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As you'll determine in our FxPro Review, the corporate offers CFDs and spread depending on the Forex, futures, spot, share, spot, and spot metrics. They serve clients in over 150 countries round the world and offers multilingual 24/5 customer support.

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