A Complete List of cTrader Brokers and Best cTrader Brokers

Nowadays, advanced technology pushed the forex companies to create new platforms for brokers and traders. From that demand, cTrader was born. cTrader is a forex trading platform that is best suited to ECN brokers. It is developed by Spotware Systems Ltd, which is an award-winning fintech provider. It’s neat and clean user interface attracts the users. Besides, intuitively designed screens give cTrader benefits over the other complicated platforms.  cTrader brokers can offer all the available features to their users to evaluate markets, execute trades, copy trading, and much more. In this article, we will discuss cTrders features and its usability. So, a trader compares with other platforms before start trading.



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Features of cTrader Brokers

cTrader is an ultimate forex trading platform solution for both Forex and CFD brokers. It is packed with numerous features that can give you a pleasant trading experience.

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Charting Feature

As a multi-asset platform, cTraderoffers premium charting and analysis tools. The charting feature allows you to trade from the chart. So, charting and trading in cTraderis a balanced function that works together. With the quick trade setting, traders can make the market through stop and limit orders. Besides, traders can modify the existing orders and positions through dragging and changing elements on the chart.

Additionally, charts can be viewed from a different level with technical analysis. You can even save the existing chart template for future use. It also provides a unique feature called ChatShots, that allows you to take a screenshot and share your analysis with others.

cTrader Copy

This feature is formerly known as cMirror, which lets anyone share their trading strategy with other traders so that anyone can copy the strategy and apply it to their trading. Furthermore, the trader can customize their risk management setting.

cTrader Copy is beneficial for both traders brokers. Through the offering, this features cTrader brokers can get a new segment of the investors. On the other hand, traders can have the opportunity to increase acquisition, extent lifetime value, access thousands of strategies to copy from, and much more.

cTrader Automate

Automation offers a trader to develop their own algorithmic robots to automate their own trading strategies. Its modern c# API allows a trader to write code to customize the indicators along with testing and optimization. Additionally, the automation can provide you with market data, order types, trading history, and position adjustment settings. Most importantly, trade automate can provide error information as much detail as possible.

cTrader Open API

Usually, an API (Application Programming Interface) is a built-in interface for an existing application, which allows building its own application based on the parent application. cTrader Open API is secured and publically accessible. Besides, it provides the opportunity for the developers to build their own mobile, web, or desktop application. As a result, can keep track through the customized application.

cTrader Web

Web-based cTrader can be used on any desktop browser, which enables easy and fast access to all the cTraderfeatures. cTrader web is available to access from anywhere with an internet connection, and you don’t need to install it in the computer. Besides, it is available for any operating system such as Mac, Windows, or Linux. cTrader web offers identical functions, just like the desktop version. Additionally, the trader web is accessible from any device such as phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and desktops. It also supports all popular browsers.

However, cTrader brokers can customize the cTrader web with their logo and custom URL, which helps a broker to build a native web platform for their brand.

cTrader Mobile

cTrader Mobile

cTraderhas its own native apps for iOS and Android, which can be downloaded on any supported phones. Through the cTrader app, traders can complete the trading operation form phones. Besides, the app is optimized for tablets and iPads, too, along with a wide range of key features. Although it is not identical to the web or desktop platform, you will get all the core features needed for trading strategy.

Furthermore, the mobile platform is available in 22 languages for the international customer base. Core features of the mobile app are-

  • Fluid charting
  • Trading
  • Trading history
  • Symbol information
  • Cloud functionality
  • In-app notification

After going through all these features, you may find a lot of similarities with MetaTrader 4. However, cTrader is cleaner and loaded with a modern design that enables easy navigation both for brokers and traders. ECN brokers might find the cTrader brokers platform useful.

Why cTrader becomes Popular?

Mainly its clean interface, along with the vast availability of the tools, attracts the users. Besides, the charting features are easily understandable by anyone. Even a newbie can get acquainted with it with no effort. Additionally, it is so transparent that it is considered one of the world’s safest platforms.

cTrader is also gaining popularity to the brokers for numerous reasons. cTrader brokers can define their own risk and manage it based on a post-trade basis. This process helps in creating consistent execution.

cTrader Forex Brokers

From our research, we have found that cTrader is broker-neutral, which means any broker can use the platform. So, if you open an account with cTrader brokers, you will get all in one platform alongside the powerful management tool for your trading. Besides, you can get ongoing support from the broker.

We have listed the top cTrader brokers on our website based on the regulations, credibility, and reputation. We took a close look at all the features mentioned above. We cross-checked with the brokers whether they offer all types of features or not. When a broker met all the requirements, we enlist them to our cTrader list.

Deposit and Withdrawal in cTrader

You can deposit or withdraw your fund directly from the platform. Besides, cTrader brokers also provide many alternatives for the transaction, which ensures a smooth fund transfer. All types of major transaction facilities are available there.


Before writing this article, we have collected an immense amount of data points along with written guides to make you understand the trader platform. As we have mentioned earlier that, it’s simply easy to understand interface and sophisticated functionalities is the main strength of cTraderfor both traders and brokers. Hence, in terms of features and user experiences, cTrader created a buzz within the competitors. However, cTrader brokers can also offer amazing customized features to the traders. So, choosing the best forex broker is also the key to success.

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