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The term forex trading is not very old in New Zealand as the country has entered the retail forex broadly after 2008. Due to the commercial and economic viability, forex trading in New Zealand sees a new horizon. However, the forex industry in New Zealand had seen some tough days before 2007, which forced New Zealand to form a new regulation. Under the new regulatory bodies, numerous New Zealand Forex broker have started their operations.


NZ forex brokers

Today, New Zealand forex brokers are considered one of the safest in the world. For the last ten years, the NZ forex industry walked through many developments which helped the brokers and traders to start the business. Among the hundreds of brokers, you cannot trade with all of them. You will have to select one or two brokers to start your trading operation.

That being said, we will discuss the ways to find some top forex brokers in New Zealand.

Is There Any Difference Between NZ Forex brokers and brokers From Other Parts of the World? 

Usually, New Zealand forex broker and other brokers are largely similar when you consider the regulatory compliances. However, New Zealand has adopted the legal structure from Australia and its counterparts. Thence, traders can enjoy extra freedom during trading and do not face any legal limitations. In fact, the new regulatory body in New Zealand emphasizes more on the traders’ welfare.

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Different Forex Broker Regulation Authorities in New Zealand

New Zealand forex brokers did not face any strict regulations prior to the financial crisis in 2007-2008. Hence, many scam brokers took the benefits of it and did fraudulent activities that harmed the NZ economy. Later, New Zealand changed the regulatory structure and went hard on that. On that note, they have introduced three different regulatory bodies for safe trading.

  • FSPR: Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) usually keeps the NZ forex brokers’ information in their database. Besides, FSPR issues the license to the new eligible brokerage applicants. Moreover, they also offer registration for any forex brokers too. For example, if a broker from another country wants to start their brokerage business in New Zealand, it can get a license through FSPR.
  • FSCL: Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) handles the complaints and claims. They also observe the forex trading operation in the country and ensure a smooth operation. However, the agency is bound to take proper action against any complaints and do a proper investigation.
  • FMA: Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is the top regulatory body that controls the FSPR and FSCL. However, they also work on registering a new broker as well as handling the complaints. FMA is highly strict and doesn’t hesitate to revoke the license if any broker is believed to break the regulations. They are also transparent to the brokers as well as the traders. Therefore, any FMA regulated forex brokers are safe to the trader, and you don’t need to worry when you trade with them.

However, all these three regulatory bodies intend to provide smooth service to the brokerage firms and the clients.

Why should you Search for the Best Forex Broker New Zealand?

There are numerous reasons to select the best forex broker. Firstly, the best brokers are supposed to be regulated by the FMA. So, the regulated brokers are highly beneficial and safe. The NZ forex brokers will always act as the safeguard of your trading capital and will always ensure you the best services. Therefore, you can start trading without thinking of security. Secondly, New Zealand forex broker do not enforce any kind of forex trading restrictions. The FMA also welcomes international traders. Hence, international traders can also start their trading safely with the best forex broker New Zealand. 

How to Find Best NZ Forex Brokers?

Although the three regulatory authorities ensure that all the brokers are safe to trade. Still, the best forex brokers can get you some extra benefits, including profit maximization. Finding the best brokers can be difficult sometimes, even for experienced traders. But we have researched to make the task easier. And, we have found that there are the criteria you can look at beginning to find the best NZ forex brokers.

Crosscheck the Regulatory License

Although no broker can bypass the three regulatory bodies and any broker from New Zealand is said to be regulated. So, you may not need to worry about the regulations, but, still, you should check for your mental peace and safety. You can simply verify the broker’s license number with the FMA. You should be able to see the broker’s information on FMA’s website.

Offered Currency Pairs

Forex trading consists of a wide variety of currency pairs. However, some brokers may not offer you all the available currency pairs. Therefore, you may lose the opportunity to access a huge marker. So, make sure your selected broker offers the maximum amount of currency pairs, including majors and minors. However, you can compare with other forex broker reviews to know the offering from the competitors.

Negative Balance Protection

Checking this feature should be mandatory for the new traders. The negative balance protection helps the traders to stop any ongoing trading automatically if the balance goes negative. In simple words, from the forex trading platforms nature, it sometimes goes for trading even though you don’t have a fund in your account. Later you need to refill your account. That’s how you have to spend extra money.

The negative balance protection features do not let the platform trade if the balance is zero. As a result, you don’t need to take the burden to deposit extra money.

These are the basic things you should look at. However, there are some other features you can look to find a good broker for you. Some other features you can look at are platforms, account types, commissions, fees, leverage, minimum deposit, deposit and withdrawals methods, education features, customer service, and so on.


Forex trading in New Zealand is regulated by three separate regulatory authorities, which ensures the ultimate security for the traders. Apart from choosing the FMA regulated forex brokers, you will need to choose the best NZ forex brokers too. The criteria we have discussed throughout the article should get you the best brokers. Even if you search for the best forex brokers in New Zealand , this precise guideline will be more than enough for you.

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