HFM Review

HFM broker offers more than 1000 leveraged products ( such as Forex) and varieties derivative. The broker offers such a large variety of instruments to diversify the client’s experience. In our HFM Review, we cover trading platforms, account types, spreads, leverage & more.

HFM Review


Pros / Cons
  • Mobile Trading: Available
  • ECN: Available
  • Currencies: 45+
  • Robots: Available
  • Scalping: Allowed
  • Web Trading: Available
  • CFD: 5+ Gold, Silver, Stocks, Indexes, Bonds, Oil, and others.
  • Prohibited Countries: Canada, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and the USA.

HFM Trading Instruments


Offers around 15 major currency pairs and 38 minor pairs with tight spread. Ensures high liquidity and gives leverage up to 1:1000. Trading is available on 12 forex trading platforms with no deposit fee. 18 superior quality trading tools are available.


HFM broker offers to trade brent and crude oil with low margin requirements and high volatility. Spread in energy forex is remarkably low.


Shares of famous companies like Amazon, Apple, Ali baba, Facebook, etc., are available in the HFM brokerage. Buying and selling of shares are relatively easy. Day traders and buy and hold investors both can trade shares with low spread and strong liquidity.


Spot and futures indices are available on HFM. You will get access to global indices through the broker and trade with low margin requirements and competitive spread. Indices trading is available on the mobile app too.



Trading bonds on the MetaTrader platform offers no commission on the trade. Orders are executed fast. Trading with competitive spread, high liquidity, and low volatility.


Trade commodities like cocoa, coffee, copper, cotton, sugar, etc., through instant access to the global market. Provides negative balance protection and high liquidity as well.

Direct Market Access (DMD) Stock

HFM broker offers a vast collection of DMD stock. DMD stock has fund security and negative balance protection. You can trade DMD on the MetaTrader 5 platform and on the mobile app too. DMD stock allows to directly interact with the live order books of global equity exchanges

Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)

HFM reviews always encourage to trade the ETF for transparency and tax efficiency. You can trade ETF with low transaction costs. The MT5 platform will always give trading flexibility on ETF trading.


HFM broker offers a good collection of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency transaction costs low commission, high volatility, liquidity, and fund security with negative balance protection.

HFM Review Accounts Types and Pricing

HFM Review: Accounts Types and Pricing

HFM provides a variety of trading account. Micro, Premium, HFCOPY, Zero Spread, PAMM, Auto accounts are available in HFM. Different HFM broker accounts types offer different attractive deals for all level clients, i.e., beginner to expert. The HFM minimum deposit amount in the Micro account is only $5. All accounts offer various trading tools with the variable HFM Spreads. The amount is affordable for anyone in the forex business.


Let’s see a comparison of the maximum and minimum offering of the accounts.

HotForex broker Accounts Types and Pricing

Does HFM Broker Offer an Islamic Account?


HFM review marks the Islamic account as an attractive feature HFM. Islamic accounts are suitable accounts for people who wish to trade in the forex market abiding by Sharia law and Islamic finance principles. Islamic account user doesn’t receive and pay the interest rate.

Micro, Premium, Auto, and Zero Spread account offer Islamic account.  Such an account doesn’t apply a swap or rollover charge over holding a position overnight. Trading through Islamic HFM account is available on Metatrader 4, Web Trader, and mobile trading.

Does HFM Broker Offer a Demo Account?


Trading through a Demo account is the most secure way to learn and make trading strategies. You don’t use real money, so you don’t risk losing the money on the trade.  Demo account opening is an effortless procedure. You will get immediate confirmation and access to the demo account by filling the Demo Account form. You will get access to several demo funds on MT4 or MT5 after opening the account. We suggest you sign up HFM Live Account after complete learning forex trading through the demo account.


HFM Leverage

Leverage can multiply balance and thus increase the investor’s potential gain. However, leverage may bring reverse consequences too. So please be very careful about trading with leverage. HFM review shows a positive image of the brokerage regarding leverage trade.

You can trade with floating or fixed HFM Leverage. HFM offers different level leverages from a modest one to a very high ratio one. The leverage amount varies with the account type.HFM Leverage is priorly provided according to the regulatory agencies requirements and region, investor’s financial proficiency level, etc. For example,

  • Micro account Maximum Leverage- 1:1000*
  • Premium account Maximum Leverage- 1:500*
  • Zero account Maximum Leverage- 1:500
  • Auto account Maximum Leverage- 1:500*
  • PAMM account Maximum Leverage- 1:300
  • HFCOPY account Maximum Leverage- 1:400

Sometimes due to high leverage, the investor may lose money. So we suggest you learn the pros and cons, risk of trading with high leverage priorly.

HFM Broker Trading Platform

HFM Broker Trading Platform

The HFM review creates an excellent impression on the broker as the provider of the best and complete MetaTrader platform. HFM provides MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 on web and mobile platforms. Let’s have a look at the advantages of trading with the MetaTrader platform:

  • Extensive range of trading tools
  • Customer-friendly user interface
  • Don’t imply any limitation on trading strategies
  • The chartings are clear

Comparison between MT4 and MT5

HotForex Broker Trading Platform

The broker offers both web trading and mobile trading platform. The MetaTrader platform supports Windows, Linux, MAC. Both MT4 and MT5 are downloadable on Android and iOS; you need to download them from the play store or iOS App Store. Web trading and mobile trading both offer similar features.


HFM Deposit & Withdrawal Method

The HFM Broker always ensures a fast transaction. The broker offers various withdrawal and deposit methods, such as Wire transfer, Credit card transfer(Union pay, Master Card, Visa card), online payment(Neteller, Skrill). Minimum and maximum deposit amount, minimum withdrawal amount, and minimum transaction time vary with the trading method.

HotForex Deposit & Withdrawal MethodHFM Broker Trading and Analysis Tool

HFM review reflects positive feedback on the broker’s trading and analysis tool. HFM offers varieties of premium trader tools, auto chart tools, economic calendar, trader board, VPS hosting, Auto trading, calculator. The tools will help you to elevate your trading experience. Sign up HFM live account to get access to such helpful tools.


HFM Broker is always helpful towards its clients. While we were going through their website to prepare the HFM review, we found the website provides sufficient learning resources to make their client prepare and skilled for the trading. The broker has good educational stuff to guide all level investors, from beginners to professionals. Broker has uploaded e-course, educational video, tutorial, event, podcast. The educational materials are especially helpful for the newbies.


HFM Broker provides outstanding customer service throughout 24/5. They provide service in 27 different languages. The broker offers live chat and ensures fast replies to customer queries.

Choosing one broker from thousands of brokers is too much work and time-consuming. Consider the top forex brokers list as a filter to your search; it will lessen your work and effort and will save tour time as well. During the search and broker selection, be sure first about which forex trading platform, account type, pricing. Forex broker review will help you to know the real scenario of how the broker serves. Choose the best forex broker to get the most satisfactory trading experience.

HFM minimum deposit is affordable to all level investors. The HFM Broker is leading the forex market with continuous improvement and by offering relentless service. They have a user-friendly website. You should visit the website to learn about HFM in more detail. We hope the HFM review will help you know about the broker, and you will make a wise choice in picking the best forex broker for you.

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