FP Markets: The Best Broker to Start Trading in 2024

After the introduction of retail forex in 1971, a lot of brokerage companies were built. But not all the brokers could survive over the years, and some of the brokers had to close the business. Hence, the broker’s ranking changes every year and need continuous research and updated data to find the right broker. For a trader, doing continuous research need an immense amount of effort.

To reduce that effort or make the extra effort to zero, we have a research team that has been keeping an eye on the top brokers to sort out the best one every year. As a result, the team has found the right broker to work with within 2023.

This year’s data supports that FP Markets is the best broker for 2023. So, trading with the FP Markets in the coming year will be the right choice. We have checked some features such as customer support, trading platform, finding, and withdrawal methods to reach this decision. Besides, some other criteria are also taken into consideration. For example, we have checked the reviews from real traders too.

All the criteria and feedback support that FP Markets is the broker to start trading in 2023.

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FP Markets, established in 2005, stands as a leading global Forex and CFD broker, providing traders with access to top-tier liquidity and cutting-edge trading platforms. Renowned for its exceptional execution speed and advanced trading infrastructure, FP Markets offers a comprehensive trading environment for both retail and institutional clients.

What Can You Trade with FP Markets?

What Can You Trade with FP Markets

FP Markets Features

  • Simple account opening process
  • Doesn’t impose any deposit fees
  • Hedging and scalping features
  • Segregated bank account allotment for the traders
  • Customizable interface
  • Variations in products
  • 500:1 leverage with 0.0 pips
  • Fast execution speed
  • Provide a safe and encrypted server
  • Top notch customer support for 24/5

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FP Markets Trading Platform

FP Markets Trading Platform

FP Markets offer their trading activity via widely adopted MetaTrader 4 as well as MetaTrader 5. However, they also provide a separate platform for the local Australian trader, which is IRESS. MetaTrader is useable by international traders.

IRESS is a flagship platform of the FP Markets, which is basically best for CFD trading. Iress gives access to financial markets from all over the world. Besides, it offers a comprehensive charting package with a live news feed as well as feeds on price. Moreover, it features transparent pricing. Iress is built on HTML5 language, which makes it accessible from any browser and any device.

For the forex and other CFDs, FP Markets offers MT4 and MT5 platforms, which are accessible via web, phones, and desktop computers. Different technical indicators, robots, and expert advisors give and cutting-edge trading opportunities for international traders.

For the traders who are overly focused on forex, MT4 is the best choice. On the other hand, for CFDs such as commodities, shares, indices, etc. MT5 is a good option.

Based on the trading and account types FP Markets offer different types of accounts, which can be open via Metatarder and IRESS platform.

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FP Markets Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to funding, unlike other online forex brokers, FP Markets provides the ultimate flexibility. Firstly, depositing money on the FP Markets account is super-fast except for the international wire transfer. Secondly, they do not charge any deposit fees. However, the banks may charge for the international transfer while depositing from outside of Australia. Additionally, the fund can be deposited via bank account, online banking or wire transfer, card payments such as debit or credit card, digital wallets like Neteller and skrill.

The same goes for the withdrawals too. There are charges for the withdrawals for the deposited money, but they may charge for the profit amount’s withdrawals. Besides, international withdrawals also charge fees. For the wire transfer outside of Australia, FP Markets charges 10 AUD.

FP Markets is reputed for providing safe service, and they don’t support any illegal activities. As a result, they never allow deposits or withdrawals from a third person other than the account holder.

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FP Markets Deposits and Withdrawals


While researching for the best broker of 2023, our research team suggests that a good broker always tries to understand and deliver what a trader wants. FP Markets totally understands the users’ demand, provide with all the necessary needs. That is where they set themselves apart from their competitors.

Furthermore, the combination of platforms, execution speed, product ranges, and customer support also place FP Markets in the top position of the forex brokers list. Moreover, they have earned several awards, which also boost them to move ahead in terms of reliability and safety.

All these things help build trust over the years, and whoever uses FP Markets’ service once they will definitely recommend it to others; this is what we have learned from the real users.

So, after verifying all the stuff, we would recommend FP Markets to anyone as all the facts support FP Markets as the best broker of 2023.

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