InvestLite Review

InvestLite is a new broker that comes with a variety of offerings for the traders. However, they have started their operation in 2020, and you will hardly get any honest review about them. Hence, we have tried their service and come up with this InvestLite review. 

InvestLite operates almost all over Europe. However, they have a physical office in Belize and the UK. 2 offices mean the traders will have more opportunity to contact the broker and get the desired service.

Despite being new, can InvestLite become the best forex broker?

Well, we can forecast positive or negative after this InvestLite review article.

InvestLite Review


InvestLite Review: Features

As a new broker InvestLite offers many attractive features. The following are some of the top features of InvestLite.

No additional charges

When you think of forex trading, charges and fees can be a nightmare sometimes, especially when hidden charges pop out. Unlike other brokers (not all, but most of them), InvestLite does not rip you off with additional or hidden charges. They are transparent about the charges. So, you can decide before investing, and you may also forecast your earnings.


Among all the forex brokers list available in the industry, very few of them are versatile brokers who are providing services to different groups and in different markets. However, some brokers may not be consistent in the case of versatility. On the other hand, InvestLite is consistent so far and provides a satisfactory service based on different markets.

Analytical Tools

InvestLite comes with different analytical tools to enrich your trading skills. As the new technology is coming to our hands every day, forex trading platforms are using those techs to provide many reliable predictions on the markets. Without the proper analytical tool, it becomes difficult for the traders to make a decision and, as a result, hinder the success. But, if you trade with InvestLite, your trading experience will be smooth as they offer more than 30 analytical tools.

High Leverage

Leverage is the main determinant to earn an expected profit out of trading. High leverage means you have a greater opportunity to earn more, while low leverage means less profit. So, any broker who offers high leverage is always a good thing. And from our research, we have found that the best forex broker tends to provide high leverage. High leverage can help both newbie and expert traders, as they can find success without much effort or investments. So, InvestLite should be a top choice for any traders.


Customer Support

24/5 prompt customer support will definitely provide a positive vibe to your trading experience. Besides, different contracting methods will also give you ease of access.

Who Regulates InvestLite?

It is operated under Bayline Global World limited, which is regulated by Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). However, due to regulations restrictions, InvestLite is not available in the US or Canada. But it is available in the European Union.

InvestLite Review: Trading Markets

They did not put any space to point them out as a new broker. As a result, from the beginning, they have started fully functional. InvestLite will give you access to 6 different markets, which can expand your portfolio.

  • Cryptocurrency market
  • Indices market
  • Forex Market
  • Commodity market
  • Stock market
  • Metals market

All these markets are different from each other and valued separately. However, among six, forex is one of the biggest markets in the world that remain open 24 hours, and InvestLite is highly specialized about that as they have won the 2020 Forex Award for providing top-notch services to top the traders.

InvestLite Trading Platforms

InvestLite Trading Platforms

They do not have their own platform. Instead, they use MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4. It is a reliable platform in the forex community, which has been providing services since 2005. Through MT4, InvestLite offers web trading and mobile trading. However, it also has a desktop version for Windows and Macs.

Webtrader lets you trade from any browser from any device, while mobile trader offer service through an app. The MetaTrader 4 mobile app is available for both iOS and Android, which can give you the opportunity to trade anytime from anywhere.

Trading Accounts

Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the three types of the platform offered by InvestLite. The Platinum account offers more features than the other two. Leverage and swap discounts are the main difference between these three trading accounts.

The silver account comes with 1:200 leverage, while for the Gold account, it is 1:400 and 1:500 for the Platinum.

The silver account doesn’t have any swap discount, but the Gold account provides 25%, and the Platinum account provides 50% swap discounts.

But, the common thing among these accounts is all of them provide hedging and also offer all the base currencies. In the case of spreads, it varies on the account types and the currencies.


InvestLite Education

Education features are a great way to learn to trade. Whether you are a new trader or an experienced trader, an education tool will always keep you updated about the markets. Besides, it will also teach you the trading techniques if you are a newbie or ever experienced. They usually provide education service through articles, blogs, tutorials, videos, courses, newsletters, trading signals, and more.


From this InvestLite review, we must say they are still in the initial stage as they just started the operation. However, there is no way to deny the fact that they met all the necessary requirements to establish themselves as one of the best forex brokers.

Their transparency would surely make any trader wonder as they value the user experience. Besides, the InvestLite made the whole trading policy in such a way that everyone can use it regardless of their experience. So, we recommend it to anyone without any doubt.

No Bonus

InvestLite is a new broker that comes with a variety of offerings for the traders. However, they have started their operation in 2020, and you will hardly get any honest review about them. Hence, we have tried their service and come up with this InvestLite review.

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