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HFTrading is a regulated forex broker that is located in Australia and operates under CTRL Investments Limited. Although they have started the operation in 2019, they offer a wide range of markets through three account types. We are going to discuss all the stuff in this HFTrading review.

However, you should know that HFTrading is an award-winning broker and eventually runs to be considered the best forex broker. Through their top-notch service, they have managed to earn more than 8 awards.

So, despite a new broker, how did they get so many awards?

We did complete research to find that out. Eager to know the findings? Read on the HFTrading review to know what we have got!

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Things You Should Know

HFTrading Regulators

Two authorities regulate HFTrading in Australia and New Zealand. They operate with the regulations of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority. However, they are originally registered and have an office in New Zealand, but also operates physically in Australia too, as they have a physical office in Australia.

HFTrading Review: Products

With the intention of providing service to all the traders regardless of their investments, HFTrading offers different products. Their products include but are not limited to Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Shares, Metals, and Indices. Let’s go through a brief review of each product.

  • Forex: All the major forex pairs are available to trade with HFTrading. However, you can also trade minor and exotic pairs too. In total, they offer 48+ currencies, and you don’t need to pay any fees while depositing on your live forex account.
  • Cryptocurrencies: HfTrading offers 51 cryptocurrencies, including the top ones such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, which are available through CFDs. Besides, you can trade the cryptocurrencies with floating spreads.
  • Commodities: Commodities offer trading beyond the boundaries, which includes 20+ popular commodities. You can access the commodities on HFTrading via MetaTrader 4 platform. However, MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 4 gives you digital access to all the top commodities markets. Besides, they also provide training on commodity trading to sharpen your skill.
  • Shares: The stock market is comparatively less risky than forex or other markets, as it has always been a top priority for some traders. With HFTrading CFDs, you can easily trade all big companies such as Microsoft, Uber, Apple, etc.
  • Indices: Index trading is a good way to get the most out of an investment. HFTrading provides the opportunity to trade indices from different countries through the CFD platform. Besides, you will have the option to analyze with numerous instruments, that will definitely boost your profit.
  • Metals: HFTrading metal CFDs include Silver vs. US Dollar, Gold vs. US Dollar, Palladium, Platinum, and Copper. You can trade the metals in HFTrading from any device, which will get you 24-hour access to the market.

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HFTrading Account Types

To provide an excellent service to the traders, HFTrading provides three types of accounts according to the investment capabilities. The following are the short reviews on HFTrading account types.

  • Silver Account

Silver account is mostly for the newbies or someone who wants to check the broker initially. They also offer zero per cent commission without deposit limits. Besides, they also provide opportunities to trade with major currency pair along with 300 assets.

  • Gold Account

The minimum deposit in the Gold account is higher than the Silver. However, you will also get benefits out of it, such as a 25% swap discount, 1:400 leverage, and 0.05 spreads.

  • Platinum 

If you have a good amount of budget and want a quick high return on investment, then the platinum account will be a good choice. Besides, you will get a lot of exclusive features and benefits.

HFTrading Review: Platform

HFTrading provides its service through MetaTrader forex trading platforms, which is a top-rated platform. Meta Trader has two types MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Although both of these two types are almost the same, HFTrading uses MetaTrader 4, which has many instruments for planning and analyzing your trading decision.

Some of the features of MetaTrader 4 are:

  • Accessible from any device from any browser via web trading. It also offers mobile apps for mobile trading on Android and iOS.
  • A wide range of analytical tools to feed you with accurate information and help you make data-driven decisions.
  • MT4 ensures security first. They transfer the data over a secured and protected server.
HFTrading Unique Features

HFTrading offers numerous features that are different than others. Let’s see a glimpse of the features.

  • Education: HFTrading offers education through video, tutorials, ebooks, etc. However, they also send newsletters to keep the traders updated about the market trends.
  • Customer Service: Like all the brokers HFTrading also provides 24/5 customer service. But, their prompt customer service will solve your problem quickly. However, you will rarely face any problem.

HFTrading Cons

  • Don’t allow any traders from the USA; it is only available in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The minimum deposit is $250.
  • No demo accounts.
Pros / Cons
  • Mobile Trading: Yes
  • Demo Account: No
  • Robots: Yes
  • Scalping: Allowed
  • CFD: Available
  • Prohibited Countries: USA and Europe
  • Type: STP, NDD
  • Currencies: 48+
  • Spread: Variable
  • Cryptocurrencies: Available


Despite being new in the industry, HFTrading will surely provide an exceptional review. Besides, when we have checked different forums for the HFTrading review, we have found that users are happy with their service, especially for the high leverage and no deposit fee. However, the regulations and features will definitely enlist HFTrading in the best forex brokers list.

So, this HFTrading forex broker reviews should help you out to decide whether you want to trade with them or not.

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HFTrading is a regulated forex broker that is located in Australia and operates under CTRL Investments Limited. Although they have started the operation in 2019, they offer a wide range of markets through three account types. We are going to discuss all the stuff in this HFTrading review.

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